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10 things you should know how to do

This is a list of the top 10 skills every human should know how to do. Every item on this list is something which everyone should encounter at least a few times in their life. In the United States, where I live, I believe we should require testing on this list before a student graduates […]

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Nessus Vulnerability Meeting

Nessus is a great vulnerability scanner. I know very few really good security departments who don’t use it in some form. It’s output however can be a little bit… shall we say unwieldy? (Those who use it are either laughing or crying at that statement). Where I work, I’ve set up a weekly meeting where […]

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Securing your script

Figuring out how to secure your shell script can be difficult. One of the great advantages to using a language such as PHP is some of the security items are already built into the functions you use. Many people believe this makes PHP more secure; however the same amount of security can be achieved with […]